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Colombo Costruzioni S.p.A., General contractor with its own engineering department, develops “constructive” projects:
-   cross-checks are carried out to verify compatibility between structural, architectural and system designs, thus defining the building solutions to be adopted.
-   special three-dimensional models are developed in order to check the congruence between different projects, to help those who work on the construction sites in coordinating the various working phases and to find the most suitable building solutions. A structured, organised and efficient engineering department is essential for the management and development of large building sites such as Porta Nuova Garibaldi.

The “human resource”, made up of experienced and specialised technicians, is the engine and the real soul of the building process.

Engineering. A great number of skilled engineers, working in close partnership with architects and other experts, participate in the construction process at different levels and, as with all modern technological endeavors, computers and software play an increasingly important role in the work team all involved in analyzing the configuration of the structural components of the building, examining elements at risk and recommending the best solutions and working with geotechnical engineers as well to investigate ground conditions, applying expert knowledge of the forces that act on various structures.